Radiators, Intercoolers, Heaters & Oil Coolers

At SP Heat Transfer we provide a service in repair and reconditioning of various makes of vehicle radiatorsintercoolersheaters and oil coolers. We also hold extensive stock of new units.

Vehicle Radiators

SP Heat Transfer can repair all types of radiators including the older brass/copper units and modern plastic and aluminium units. We also hold an extensive stock of new and exchange units. We provide new boxed radiators. We repair and recondition and provide stock for various types of radiators including car, motorbike, commercial, plant & industrial and vintage radiators. We can perform a full test on any unit supplied to us. 


Intercooler failure will lessen horsepower, impact your radiator, increase fuel consumption and increase your running costs. At SP Heat Transfer we can repair or re-core aluminium intercoolers or supply new replacements if required. We hold replacement stock for most models of cars, trucks and buses. We can also provide custom-built replacements.


At SP Heat Transfer we hold an extensive range of new heater matrix and associated components. We provide new boxed heaters. We repair and refurbish heaters and service exchange units and can perform a full test on any unit given to us.

Oil Coolers

At SP Heat Transfer we can rebuild any type of oil cooler. This may be a better option for the customer seeing as Original Equipment (OE) replacement can be expensive and there can be a long time before delivery of a new unit. We have many years experience in oil cooler repair. We can also provide new oil coolers or manufacture replacement units for less than the OE cost.