Vehicle Exhausts

Stainless Steel Exhausts (LongLife)

With over ten years experience now in the manufacture of custom built exhausts we can manufacture a new stainless exhaust for the car enthusiast delivering quality and preferred sound for each customer. All vehicles are tested with a decibel meter to ensure they meet the legal requirements. All our stainless exhausts carry a lifetime guarantee on the pipework.

See our PROJECTS page for more examples e.g. tractor exhaust , Landrover exhaust


Exhaust manufacture and repair

At SP Heat Transfer we can custom build any part or a complete exhaust system for your vehicle whether it’s a modern car, vintage vehicle, commercial jeep or agricultural tractor. Components can be replaced that make up the exhaust system including flexi and knuckle joints, silencers, catalytic converters, DPF filters or even just the connecting pipework.


Emissions testing

At SP Heat we can help diagnose problems with your vehicle should it fail emissions testing. Catalytic converters and lambda sensors can be replaced at reasonable costs should they be found to be faulty.


DPF filters

Modern diesel cars now carry a new filter in the exhaust system called a DPF filter. These units are prone to blockage after high mileage and other circumstances. At SP Heat we can firstly test your filter on the car to ensure it is the problem and if so give you options with regard to resolving the problem. See our DPF filters page for more details.


Power Gains

In conjunction with Longlife Exhausts in the UK we can offer a tuning service for vehicles to improve horse power and give better fuel economy. All files are of top quality and the product brand is Alientech. For further inquiries on this please call us and we will discuss your needs. To check on Power Gains for your car click on Top Gear Tuning.