Shot Blasting / Bead Blasting

At SP Heat we carry out a service for cleaning all types of steel, aluminium and cast iron by means of shot-blasting in the case of steel and bead blasting for aluminium. We can also then treat the cleaned surface with a protective galvanize coating or two pack epoxy primer and polyurethane top coat also with an added hardener for the paint before application.  All our work is fully guaranteed against rust for many years. We specialise in the restoration of old gates and railings, vehicle chassis and panels and vintage parts.


Vintage Chassis (Galvanize Method)

Thanks to new technology we can shot-blast clean old chassis and panels and now protect them with galvanize by means of metalization which will ensure they never have to be changed again.


Aluminium Parts

Bead blasting is a very safe method to clean aluminium like wheels and delicate panels and parts. It ensures only paint and corrosion is removed from the parts and will not damage the main material itself.

In the past we have restored everything from small mini diggers to large dump trucks, gates, rails, fireplaces, street lamps, garden furniture, tractors and industrial machinery (e.g. card board crushers and process machines).


Cast Iron

As many people already know, cast iron cannot be hot dipped in galvanize because the material is not suitable. However, at SP Heat we are able to galvanize cast by means of metalization. The parts are first shot-blasted to clean them and to give them an etch. The galvanize is then applied by force. As it is electrically melted, it bonds to the cast and protects it for life. As there is no gas in this method of galvanizing the item can be painted immediately if required.


Dry ice blasting

This is the latest method for blasting clean items without any clean up mess. It has great uses in the food and drinks industry. Please see the attached presentation for more detailed information in relation to dry ice blasting.

Dry Ice Presentation