Industrial Services

SP Heat Transfer has over 15 years’ experience in the re-manufacture and repair of industrial and marine heat-exchangers. Our range includes the following:

  • Oil coolers   (bar and plate aluminium) (Steel coolers)
  • Air blast coolers
  • Intercoolers
  • Aftercoolers
  • Tube stacks
  • Steam coils
  • Condensors
  • Plate heat-exchangers

Most of these units are manufactured in our workshop facility in Abbey Road, Ferrybank. We import the Air-blast units from our suppliers in Europe complete with fans, framework cowling and controls.

All our units come with EU regulation test certs. In the case of emergencies we can repair any of the above, so that your industry has reduced downtime and allow time for the new unit to be manufactured.

Descaling and Dry Ice Blasting

We also have a descaling facility for units that need internal cleaning. Descaling can be carried out on site if required.

Another facility we provide for industry is Dry Ice Blasting which is a very effective method of cleaning without any after-cleaning being required. Please see our Shot Blasting page for more information.