Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

DPF filter testing

Modern diesel cars now carry a new filter in the exhaust system called a DPF filter. These units are prone to blockage after high mileage and other circumstances. At SP Heat we can firstly test your filter on the car to ensure it is the problem and if so give you options with regard to resolving the problem.

DPF filter replacement

The first choice is to replace the internal filter itself. SP Heat can usually carry out this work for half the cost of a new filter.

DPF and EGR solutions

The second option is DPF and EGR solutions. Contact SP Heat to discuss options.

The pictures below show a Mazda 6 car with a blocked DPF filter replaced by a new stainless pipe with temperature sensors and pressure pipes. The final picture shows a Mazda ECU reprogrammed after DPF solution.