Alloys / Powdercoating

At SP Heat Transfer we are over 15 years in the repair and refurbishment of alloy wheels, we can repair most buckles caused by road damage, and twists caused by side impact to the wheel. We also repair cracks caused by stress in the wheel usually due to the wheel being damaged on the road.



Welding is carried out to a very high standard and the welds are tested with force to ensure they are sound, the tension in the wheel is also removed to ensure that there is no vibration from the wheel and to eliminate further cracks occurring. We also can replace sections missing from wheels by welding and regenerating new sections, this process is usually carried out on expensive replacement alloys or when a wheel can no longer be purchased new



At SP Heat we also refurbish alloys to make them look new again, the wheels are first stripped of their old lacquer and paint, they are then sanded, primed in two pack, colour coated and finished in two pack lacquer, the lacquer is applied much heavier than before to protect your new looking wheels for many years to come.

Wheels can be painted or powder coated in any colour. The same can be done for other components like motor bike parts and engineĀ components.